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From past fifteen years we are in the field of marketing Diagnostic instruments and consumables. Biomedica is a proprietorship company. We have companies like “Randox, Accurex, Biorad, BD” as our suppliers, and FQI AND AHPI as our Training partners, and “LISMAKER” as Total laboratory quality accreditation and information management solution providers. We have good customer base and good rapport with the customers. Thank you for consulting us and if there are any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. It’s our pleasure to be associated with your esteemed Organization and develop quality solutions for your laboratories by Trainings, workshops, and setting up your complete diagnostic lab setup with quality products.

Medical Product

Medical Product Selling

Biomedica sells range of diagnostic equipments required in medical testing laboratories, like Biochemistry Analyzers (semi and fully auto), Blood cell counters, Hematology analyzers, Immunoassay analyzers, electrolyte analyzers, Turbidometers, microscopes with digital eye, all disposable lab ware, Glass ware, Reagents, kits, and chemicals, etc.